Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Mason Jar Trend

As we finish out the end of the year, it’s time for us to begin looking back at emerging trends that 2014 has brought us. On pinterest, tumblr, facebook, and even in our cupboards, we are seeing millions of mason jars. Each decorated in clever ways; spray painted, bejeweled, wrapped, filled with sand, candles, and anything else you could possibly think of.  Originally used for food packaging and candles, mason jars have started to infiltrate the wedding scene, bringing with it rustic centerpieces, modern party favors, creative drink holders, and many more. Here are a few awesome uses of the mason jar we’ve seen!

These beautiful mason jars were the key centerpieces at our last wedding in the Boettcher mansion. Using a variety of burlap, pastel colored ribbon, and gold glitter, our beautiful bride livened up these glass jars, transforming them into an iconic representation of her marriage: simple, classic, and something to be remembered. 
Pinterest, of course, also features several interesting suggestions to simplify and reduce expenses on your wedding day. We came across this one that was especially adorable!
PC: Pinterest

Mason jars are a terrific container for wedding favors, or take home gifts for the guest. As you can see, this smores idea was ingenious, and perfectly matched the cozy theme of the wedding, leaving guests with something to take home to remember their night, and the note of love from the bride and groom is a simple keepsake.
Other suggestions include drink holders; a cute and fun way to serve delicious and potentially personalized cocktails!

PC: Pinterest

(Mason jars can even be personalized with names and your wedding date!)

Our personal favorite were these hanging candles:

PC: Pinterest

A sophisticated look to complement an outdoor wedding, or even an indoor reception ceremony to follow the theme of natural and simple.

Here at Seize the Day, we are happy to provide more ideas and research into the subtle details and customization that make your wedding day a personal experience. We love mason jars, and are always on the lookout for more trends to best suit the needs of you and your partners! Please contact us at any time for a consultation, or schedule an appointment if you are looking for a savvy team with an eye for decorations and a passion for planning!

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