Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colorful Hues for Your Wedding shoes- A Trend of 2010

Ah, the shoe. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend clearly never had a great pair of heels. So, what to do with this necessary accessory on your wedding day?  Here are a few tips and trends to keep your feet pretty and comfortable from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away.
Colored wedding shoes are the new trend for 2010 and can add an extra touch of color and style to your wedding dress. Consider wearing a jewel toned shoe in a ravishing red to match your wedding day colors, or pick an emerald green simply because you’ve always like the color. 

Better yet have your wedding shoes be your “something blue” where you can range anywhere from the deepest sapphire blue to the classic and elegant Tiffany’s blue.

Are your bridesmaids glamorous in purple? Try and choose a similar hue for your own shoes to tie the look in.

The best part of choosing a colored heel over a plain white heel is that you can add an extra kiss of color and a touch of personality to your wedding day. Plus, some of these vibrant colors can be worn after your wedding day with a great cocktail dress or even a stylish blouse and a great pair of jeans.

If you are not quite comfortable flaunting the jewel tones why not try jewels? While dramatic, having a beautiful pair of heels in a neutral color accented with jewels around the ankle or top of the shoe can easily make any bride feel like a princess.

So how do you manage to have beautiful shoes without wanting to take them off five minutes into your reception? Here are a few tips to make sure that your feet aren’t begging for mercy before night is over.

1)      First of all, if you are not someone who wears heels often, consider the height of your heel. You may find a killer pair of heels that are over three inches, but it is best to stick with heels no higher than two inches. The higher the heel the more pressure is placed on the ball of your foot- leading to painful first dances. Kitten heels are also a great option for you as they add a hint of height but still allow you to have the style of stilettos.

2)      Pedicures are a must for most brides to be. If you receive frequent pedicures before your big day, make sure they do not excessively remove the calluses on the ball of your feet. Your foot tends to build calluses in this area to protect your foot-especially if you are a frequent heel wearer.  The more they remove those layers the more painful it will be when you apply pressure on it while wearing heels. Inform your pedicurist that you will be wearing heels so they can ensure that your heel-wearing experience is as pleasant as possible.

3)      Speaking of pedicures, if you don’t already have a pre-wedding appointment booked you may want to consider having one. If you are investing in a great pair of shoes you want your feet to be as perfectly polished as possible. Also, a great pedicure is always a fall back if you end up wanting to take your shoes off to dance.

4)      Even if you are a seasoned heel veteran or if special occasions are the only time you bring out your heels, consider getting heel pads. Doctor Scholl’s has a variety of products formulated especially for high heels, which can protect your feet from unwanted blisters and pain. These products offer extra support and padding and are available in most drug stores or even your local Target.

5)      While you are looking at extra padding for your heels, consider investing in a set of no-slip shoe pads for the bottom of your shoes. These additions are inexpensive and allow extra grip for the soles of your heels to ensure you don’t go sliding off the dance floor. They even come in cute shapes such as hearts or flowers.

6)      Finally, always try on your wedding shoes…and not just once! Wear them for a few hours at a time around the house so you can address any possible sore spots (and then arm yourself with the proper padding) and get your feet used walking in the heels as well as the feel of the shoe. Think of it as training for your tootsies before your big day.

 The most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable for your wedding, and truly feel beautiful from head to toe. Most importantly, you want your shoes to be an accessory-not a nightmare-on your wedding day.


    Alexandria Bath  
Associate Consultant

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