Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lexi and Dave's Rehearsal Dinner

Last night, Seize The Day helped Lexi's family put on her rehearsal dinner at her parents residence. The family made the rehearsal dinner very intimate and personal by hosting it in their own home. The family had catered Greek food and plenty of wine for the wedding festivities. Tonight we will be celebrating the couple tying the knot at Frog Belly Farms. Congratulations to you two!

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  1. Karla and Payton--we couldn't have done this without your amazing help!! As difficult as it was for me to "let go of control," you both put me totally at ease as you worked so efficiently to make the evening unfold. You instantly helped me be at peace and able to fully enjoy the evening. Honey--you have an awesome team..Thanks to all of you for your expertise and kindness.. Mzia